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{ ✿ }— Of course. Tatara actually doesn’t feel like hearing more about her cat-business. Not that he doesn’t care— it just might be better he doesn’t know. But he can’t be mad at her. Cats are cats and do cat-stuff, after all. Plus, being a strain isn’t that easy.

"No. They are at my apartment." They used to lay around at the bar. Since Izumo started complaining about all that stuff in his bar, he better took some of it with him, including the fishing rods. After arriving at his flat and inviting the pinkette in, he immediately grabbed the rods, so they could leave again and finally head to the lake.

"I’ll help you with it, since you didn’t do it before. It’s gonna be fun!" He smiles at her, closing the door behind him.

Once they arrived at his apartment quickly the pinkette looked around, interested on the decorations that were around the flat. She’ll have to get something special as a gift for him.

Soon they left the flat after retrieving the fishing rods and made their way to the lake “mewww it’s so big!!” she’d never seen a lake before, mostly small puddles and rivers “yeah! let’s get to it!” growing with more excitement, racing towards the boat.




Kuro and Neko’s side story “The Dog and Cat on the Distant Seas”


original scanned by tsukareteru-tako

written by Suzuki Suzu (Orange)

“Where is this place?”

Standing exhausted on a solitary island in a distant sea, Yatogami Kuroh dumbfoundedly murmured.

If he had to say the reason, Neko was to blame.
Neko - a young strain girl whose original name is unknown, and Kuro’s companion.

There is yet another companion but, they still haven’t found him. They had gotten themselves completely lost in order to find their king – Isana Yashiro.

Normally, they’d split up in order to search faster. With only a meeting point decided they’d make a simple agreement to search around the Japanese archipelago separately.

However, this time, at Neko’s suggestion, it was decided they would act together.

The plan was as follows: “Because Shiro is scattering his troubles on the ocean, we can suppose he’s drifting somewhere out at sea.”

Certainly, there was reason for this. If he lost sight of land, he would get into contact quickly with them, but oddly enough, he still hadn’t sent for them. The fact that he hasn’t contacted them before now, must mean that he hasn’t been able to. Why is it that he hasn’t been able to get into contact? It must be that is because he is still adrift out at sea. Following that logic, Kuro and Neko set sail from Tokyo bay.

Kuro nimbly cut through the North Pacific Ocean by motorboat while Neko headed west. Kuro was covering the east because according to Neko it was the “perfect” place to search.

This type of plan however was relying completely on this one place, and Kuro’s impatience was just starting to show. It was at this point, ten hours in, that Kuro was unexpectedly rolled by a sudden typhoon and cast into the ocean.

If someone were to call Neko a perpetrator, the first thing he would say is that she suits the role perfectly.


With a dangerous gleam in her eye, Neko lashed out into the water. While swimming in the shallows Neko caught some fish and brought it to base on the beach while waves lapped against the shore.

Standing on the shore was Kuro, frantically waving to Neko while maintaining an unreadable expression.

Splashing and kicking up water while returning to the beach, Neko pouted.

“Oi, Kurosuke. Stop playing around, hurry up and cook the fish.”

“I’m not playing around! I’m lighting a fire aren’t I!”

Neko tilted her head in confusion

“Huh? What for?”

“An SOS, because we’re marooned!”

It’s typical of Neko to completely and utterly forget the seriousness their current predicament. They’re completely shipwrecked and helplessly stranded.

Stuck with a stupid idiot and totally exhausted, Kuro once again built a fire. He made kindling from driftwood to light the fire, but even before he could get anywhere close to making smoke the distant sound of a helicopter could be heard.


Kuro looked up. He spotted a black dot slowly moving across the sky. It was their chance. However, there was no sign of the fire igniting.

He promptly stood up, then began waving his arms and yelling out.

“O–i! Over here! Help us!”

“… I don’t really get what’s happening, but is it a good idea to signal them?”

“Of course! As stupid as you are, even you –”

“In that case, it’s easy! Yah!”

Loud and clear, her voice rang out – full of fighting spirit and in perfect unison with her bells.

At that moment, a beckoning cat appeared behind Neko – a manifestation of her ability as a strain to project illusions.

Within an instant, the beckoning cat had transformed into a giant, reaching beyond the clouds. With eyes of gold and blue set on helicopter above, Neko gestured with her hand ‘over here’.

“Hehe, how about that? This is good isn’t it?”


The helicopter that was heading towards them came to a puzzled halt, then, seeming to think better of it, did a U-turn and disappeared over the horizon.

Neko tilted her head.


“Not ‘oh’!! Of course if out of nowhere a giant monstrous cat suddenly appeared they’d run away!”

“Nyahhahaha, I messed up! Oh Nyo~!”

Neko carried on, entirely unapologetically, leaving Kuro to crumble to his knees on the sandy beach.



{ ✿ }— Tatara is glad she is okay with that idea— he actually didn’t expect anything different. And how he missed that hyperactive way of hers. It’s very good to see her again. He gently pats her head, smiling down at the younger girl.

"I already know where we can go fishing. There is this one lake my father and I always used to go fishing. We’ll go there, okay? But first we need to get the equipment from my place." When Tatara starts moving, he gently grabs Neko’s hand. He definitely likes her being close to him. He appreciates every single second. "Have you ever been fishing, Neko-chan?"

Neko mewled as she received the patting on her head, the minute he asked her that question though cause the girl to look away. She knew that her answer would end with a stern scolding “Well…..I stole a fish from someone who had it…” at least she did not choose to lie

"But that’s when I was a cat" the pinkette used her powers for other things as well but that story would be saved for another time "Nyaaa are the fishing rods at homra’s bar??"


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